About The Artist

rachelI grew up in a family business. From the time I could push a broom I worked. I spent my time upgrading, and then repairing, machines, to eventually helping with our family’s internet business at a time before GUI was a wide spread tool and the internet seemed like magic. To some degree back then it was pretty close. We used Notepad to edit code, weaving spells in tables and HTML, saved the index, and chanted prayers to the syntax gods when we hit refresh. Photo manipulation wasn’t as simple as a color replace tool. Color changes had to be done at the pixel level and depending on how ambitious the project, that could take days on the same image.

Thankfully technology has improved and moved forward, and it’s a lot more fun but still filled with unique challenges. I obtained my Associates Degree and my Bachelors Degree at ITT. I received quite a few hard looks going into digital/multimedia design and video game entertainment design, but the challenge was worth it. Both degrees allowed me to learn, thrive and nurture both sides of my nature: my love for design, graphics, and the joy of seeing my code weave magic.

My years with the Vons Company taught me a lot about structure, work flow, and how to stay flexible. I don’t have to know everything about everything to accomplish my goal; I do have to be willing to listen and learn new skills and be smart enough to use them. In the 11 years I worked for the company I had worked every department and position that wasn’t upper management from bagger to head bookkeeper. I’ve trained, supervised, and re-structured entire departments, helped define protocols, and developed training and loss prevention materials. However, the biggest lesson I have learned from my time there is about the value of individuals. It does take all kinds to make up a day, and I do my best to not let people rub me the wrong way. 9 times out of 10 they have their reasons, and I still may have more to learn from them.

My position with Discount Retail Store Services was a very fulfilling challenge, and I am very proud of the things I have accomplished with that company, from changing the way they handle their client leads and the database that manages it to refreshing the way the client stores are styled. Another thing family business taught me is that just having a fancy store front is not enough to make a business a success. A dream is a dream because it’s not easy to obtain, and it takes work and determination to see it realized. It tests a person’s very core. In the three years I had been there I had seen both sides of that coin. Some don’t make it and some soar higher than could be imagined, and it had been my privilege to be a part of that. I have had the honor of working with an incredibly flexible team these past three years and have seen us, individually and as a department, do amazing things.

My year and a half at Las Vegas HEALS has been one of the most challenging and rewarding, it has been such a privilege to work with this organization and be a part of their efforts to improve healthcare in Southern Nevada. Upgrading their main website, the development of their news website, events site, helping develop and create their 3D publications, their newsletter, their new event system, integrating their database with their websites and even how they take payments for memberships. This has all been such a wonderful and productive adventure for me and I have been beyond privileged to be a part of it.

I look forward to my next set of challenges, triumphs, and lessons.