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InDesign and cross-program design always seem to go hand in hand. Here are a few pages from the yogurt store promotional brochure as well as the first layout idea for a quad-fold multi-concept mailer brochure. These projects both utilized different elements created in Photoshop as well as Illustrator, though many of the main design elements were created in the InDesign program itself using the shape and pen tools with layers.

When doing a text-based design, I always begin with laying out the text as a design element. As I add items and style to the layout, I adjust it to fit the larger idea, with two page brochures for all of our concepts. The original designer laid out each page individually, but when I re-designed many of them I went at it with a two page layout idea so that the eyes flowed from one page to the next evenly, allowing for the text content to be a better focus. The same with the mailer, the layout was designed so it would be appealing folded or laid out