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I have interacted with many different Databases over the years and even helped develop/improve a few below are the ones the company’s I have worked for I interfaced with on a daily basis and my experiences working with them.

Discount Retail Store Services

Sage ACT is not Sales Force. Years ago I was handed a few pages of a quick start guide for this program and was told by the creative director at the time to become an expert in the program. He gave me a weekend. The IT manager had no material or manual for the program and our company was no longer paying for phone support for the program.

The company was having issues with duplicate client information importing, cross-sales rep confusion, and many more issues caused by a fundamental misunderstanding about how the program worked and its available functions. I can honestly say I am not ACTs strongest supporter but I have a high understanding about its functions and how it interacts with SQL, as well as how usage could be improved.

After the weekend, not only did I have a pretty solid understanding on how to fix the problems, I encountered another program they had been misusing called e-Grabber. Once I understood how the two programs interacted with each other, and used Outlook to obtain client leads, I was able to accomplish a lot of things, including reducing the amount of import errors, decreasing occurrences of duplicate records. Furthermore, I designed a user interface that included a picture-oriented training guide for basic users on how the process should be, done step by step.

Polishing it up took some time, but eventually I was even given leeway to design the layout for one of their concept ACT databases, allowing for a cleaner, more functional interface with a touch of color to add visual cues for users (for sales reps before their morning coffee).

The company had had five IT managers fail, or refuse, to learn even ACT’s simple Visual Basic-style interface design tools. With me as the only staff member who fully understood the program, the company  finally allowed our team to develop our own content management system. We programmed it to take clients from being a lead, through credit repair, find their perfect real estate location then walk them through the steps of store build out. The program is known to the company as EZ Trak and it took over all of the ACT functions for the company and so much more.


Las Vegas HEALS

Infusionsoft was a uniquely incredible challenge. This CRM database is a comprehensive all-in-one cloud-based system that I enjoyed delving into. It interfaced with the three websites I developed for the organization; it was dynamic for creating automated sales pipelines, flexible to set up the shopping carts, while seamlessly integrating with our merchant accounts yet still powerful enough to handle the member management systems which drove the event automation. I reveled in its endless capabilities in its uses making it one of the best database systems I have ever worked with and highly recommend.


The Tom Love Group

Top Producer: Going from favorite to least on this list, I began interfacing with this database on my second day with this company, and have grown to dislike it with more voracity than anything I have faced in my carer before or since. Thankfully, after some solid research the company is moving to Follow Up Boss. As much as Top Producer does a lot in house client information and real-estate transactions, it does not have a intuitive API, is not user friendly and connects to very few helpful non-native systems. My lasting impression of Top Producer is that it a fine database system but an inflexible and terrible CRM.