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An integral part of building your business’s online presence is email marketing. This medium keeps your user-base engaged, involved and up-to-date with the most important aspects of your growing brand. Only 79% of legitimate marketing emails avoid the spam filter.  I have worked with many forms of email marketing and believe it is an essential part of business today. I have had great success doing beautiful, ethical, and informative emails that get responses and keep email lists flourishing.
Whether it is creating an automated sales pipeline, keeping users engaged in your company, increasing the leads or building a productive advertising campaign, doing it right matters. It’s not just knowing if you are in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2004 or the Canadian CASL of 2014, it’s also understanding what restrictions individual ISP’s enforce. Ignoring any of these can get your emails sent to the spam folder or even worse, to have your entire URL banned so that even if you are sending correspondents to a client, their email provider will not let your legitimate emails through.  I have personally seen this happen to companies and it was easily avoided, and hard to recover from the devastation afterward.