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Illustrator has allowed me to make dreams come true. Out of all the programs I work with, I have done some of my most fulfilling projects with Illustrator. The skills developed with this program have built dreams for clients and helped families create a future. With DRSS I was tasked with helping small business owners define the concept and branding for their new business. This process started with store mockups, moved into paint colors, store signage and then onto their logo and brand development. After a store was built, the moment they walked into their new business it was incredible for me hear client testimonial saying that their store was exactly how they imagined it would be.

I have continued to independently support some of these owners from time to time with new signage, sales flyers, and other print advertising and it rewarding to know they are still making their dream come true.


I originally created these characters for use in our clothing store concept, but after a concept manager shift they were dropped from the sign lineup and went dormant. This was up until the teen store concept asked for me to revamp their store styles and picked them back up. They had me make a few of the girls a little older to fit a more high school scene, and I created some different outfits and poses for future use. Showing here is some of what was actually utilized for the two separate projects.