E-mail Marketing

I gave a lecture once to students about the value of e-mail marketing and mailing list control. E-mail and social media marketing is the new word-of-mouth, and can be a strong and powerful form of advertising.

Not only is e-mail marketing a unique way of staying in contact with clients and customers, but the database of information gathered during the course of each campaign provides a company with unique insights on how their clients or customers view and interact with their company. On top of all of the graphic design and web development support I have provided to the company, I am in charge of managing, formatting and laying out all e-mail campaigns the company sends.

That is everything from coding the templates used in the general contact campaigns to lying out and formatting any large e-mail campaigns to get the desired style. This includes graphics, html, and CSS, and involves using the cleanest and simplest universal format possible for all media platforms and browsers. Aside from the technical aspects of the design, I felt it necessary to research enough to know the likelihood of success for any given campaign in the multiple business categories our company provides services to.

e-mail campaign