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I began with web-development at an early age and have always enjoyed learning new ways to connect people with technology and feel one of the most common ways is with web development.

Discount Retail Store Services

When starting with Discount Retail Store Services, one of my largest tasks was to develop and update the websites for all of their brands. This large scale project began with the creation of WordPress sites and required team collaboration to accomplish all of the various competing goals. Calling for graphics, coding skills, as well as video elements, it was a fun challenge for the whole team. It allowed me to step out side my employed roll utilize a broader range of  my skillet. This project allowed me to be an asset to the team, as well as strengthen my secondary skill set,.The below sites are an element of such efforts.

Las Vegas HEALS

The organization began with a Wild Apricot interface and under my management, grew to three interlinking sites and integrated through an Infusionsoft database. The database connected the sites to each other allowing cross platform sharing of data. This diversified content creating a uniquely individual experience for visiting users. It was accomplished with the help of a Memberium interface, which nurtured an increase in membership, and membership interaction. All though they have scaled back and no longer maintain the news or events sites the main site is still the original sleek framework we began with.



The Tom Love Group

This site was originally was developed with Ruby on Rails, and though it was well created it was over powered and not layman friendly. Updating it to a more user friendly WordPress site made it convenient for staff members, allowing for a stronger team support in keeping everything current and clean.